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Published: 25th October 2010
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You look out the window and see a nice bright sunny day so you call your golf buddies and meet at the course for a round of golf. You are enjoying the weather and the company of close friends and family but what you are not enjoying is making good golf swings that produce shots that are off target. You have been playing the same Golf Clubs for years and your game has not improved. The primary reason more than likely is not you, it is your Golf Clubs. This situation is what many recreational golfers find themselves in because they have never been properly fit for their Golf Clubs. Depending on how tall you are, how long your arms are , and how big your hands are will determine the proper length Golf Clubs and proper size grips. Golf Clubs that are too short cause you to have to reach for the Golf Ball causing you to lose balance and power making it difficult to hit shots consistently long and straight. Signs of Golf Clubs being too short are if you find yourself on your toes during your down swing and pushing the Golf Ball right and often blade or hit the ball thin. Golf Clubs that are too long have the opposite effect, but still cause you to become unbalanced, lose power and hit inconsistent shots. Common signs of clubs that are too long are if you find yourself back on your heels during your down swing, causing you to hit fat, chunky and pull shots. Wheter your clubs are too long or too short both cause problems with posture while addressing the Golf Ball making it difficult to make balanced quality golf swings that produce consistently straight on target shots with proper trajectory. Having properly sized grips, and shaft flex are also key factors in finding the right Golf Clubs for you. The correct grip size has a significant impact on your ability to return the clubface to a square position at impact. Depending on the club head speed you generate will determine the right shaft flex and material that should be used for your shafts. The shafts flex of your Golf Clubs influence things like trajectory, accuracy, distance, and consistency.

A Golf Magazine poll on custom golf clubs revealed:
78% of golfers who had custom fit golf clubs improved their game
33% of golfers who had custom fit golf clubs cut 5 strokes or more from their game
49% of golfers with custom fit golf equipment shaved 3-4 strokes off their game
15% of golfers with custom fit golf clubs knocked 2 strokes from their game.

Golf Clubs that have been custom made and fitted to the proper length , grip size and shaft flex is the only way to ensure that you are giving yourself the best chance possible at making consistent solid contact and quality swings. This is because with custom made golf clubs that fit allow you to make a balanced natural back swing and down swing making solid contact with the ball. All the big chain golf stores sell brand name cubs that are preassembled at a standard size. This is why buying clubs from the golf store or pro shop is not the best idea unless you want to swing clubs that do not fit you. The brand names pay big money to professionals to use their clubs and do their commercials. In the end it is the consumer that ultimately pays for the endorsements and expensive commercials. 70% of the price of retail golf clubs goes to pay for advertising and R&D. We all want the feeling that when we purcahse golf equipment we are getting quality golf clubs at a a discount price. Buying custom made Golf Clubs does not have to be expensive, which is I am sure one of the first thoughts that come to mind when hearing custom made golf clubs. With purchasing discount custom made golf clubs you could save $400 or more on a set of Irons or $100 to $200 on Drivers, Fairway Wood, Hybrids, Wedges and Putters.

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